Because trolls can be assholes.

2017-08-03 22:57:38 by DanielTheManiel

Alright, If you have used chat recently you would know that I get into a lot of arguments there.

One day there was one random user who decided to randomly friend me. (he was in chat at the time)

And he was being annoying, So I called him out on it.

He then decided to argue with me for some reason and we blocked eachother, Of course trolls don't get much satisfaction from keeping someone blocked so he unblocked me.

I had him set as ignored though, so he couldn't actually talk to me. (ignore is a chat feature that lets you not see what someone posts in chat)

He eventually made an alt just to get around my ignore, and he decided to act like he was someone else WHEN HE HAD THE SAME EMAIL AND PROFILE PICTURE.

Later on he claimed that he was brothers with his alt and eventually got banned for that. (He still insisted that the icon was a coincidence)

In case you were wondering the accounts so far are Derpy MLG Guy and Nebul0s1 (most of the accounts were deleted so don't bother searching for them)

Later the guy decided to join with his main and complain about them blocking his "brother" and got that account blocked too.

The next day he decided to make a new account, BATMAN PRO.

And he tricked me into thinking he was just another newbie (Not saying I'm not)

After a while he finally got banned and a mod told me that it was that same guy.

He PMed me and asked me a dumb chat question, I told him that I wasn't his mother and that I don't want to deal with him.

I then had an argument though PMs and then I finally blocked him.

Of course he did something brilliant, He had his account deleted and then he remade it. (This is surprising for someone with the intellect of a yam)

He them PMed me again saying that he was "somehow" was unblocked I argued with him again (I really shouldn't waste my time arguing with trolls) I blocked him AGAIN and some more alt PM bullshit happened.

And nearing the end I told him that I was going to set my inbox to only accept PMs from friends.

I made the horrible mistake of unblocking him for a second to see what his responce was.

"Why'd you unblock me? I hate listening to you whine." He cried as he finally got to PM me after clicking the PM button 1000 times. (seriously, I just unblocked him when he did that)

I finally ended it after that.

And this all happened over the course of three days.

The end.


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2017-08-05 00:59:38

cool story bro...

DanielTheManiel responds:

Yes it is.


2017-08-06 15:02:02

Indeed, this is deep thought fodder. It is gud for a smrt preson's brainses.

DanielTheManiel responds:

The first and second sentences both differ wildly.


2017-08-08 21:29:37

i also do not like dj ri

DanielTheManiel responds:

Me neither but I feel like this is out of nowhere.