PS4 and a weird brother.

2017-08-09 00:09:26 by DanielTheManiel

I don't know if this is long enough to warrent a news post but fuck it.

My brother's birthday was on August 7th, And guess what?

He decided to get ME a PS4 for HIS birthday, I don't know why he got me something for a day about him but he did.

Eh maybe he was getting something for me because of Civic Holiday. (Obvious joke)


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2017-08-09 00:55:52

thats weird maybe he's a giving brother and i think you meant 'my brothers birthday WAS on the 7th'

DanielTheManiel responds:

Yeah I'll correct it now.


2017-08-09 04:19:30

the best gift one can receive is making someone they care about happy