When almost everybody you know hates you.

2017-08-13 00:16:37 by DanielTheManiel

I do not really get along with my family, In fact I'd say I hate them.

I hate my father especially, Mainly because he is the main reason I am total garbage.

The reason I made this post was because he recently called me, Just to tell me how much of a failure I am.

This is the second time he has done this so I assume he has taken up alcoholism.


Enough about me, What about you? How was your day?


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2017-08-13 01:20:36

Same here. I hate my dad. He always plays too much jokes to me. And today was good.


2017-08-13 02:17:24

My dad hasn't spoke to me in years, but I can forgive him.

Prove him wrong.

Haters gonna hate


2017-08-13 05:13:08

Me and my dad don't exactly hate each other, but we barely talk anymore and almost never have any casual conversations, honestly.
My day was alright so far, just playing some video games and stuff like that.


2017-08-15 21:42:32

sorry to hear that. why don't you change your phone number so he can't bother you anymore?
just don't bother with him if he really is that way. prove him wrong and do what you want to.
i would say such a person isn't a dad, just someone that conseved you and had you in the house for a while. a dad should be someone that is there for you through thick and thin.
no need to bother with people who only make you feel worse.

just charish the people who you care about and those who also care about you ;)
and have fun with them ^_^