Sometimes I wonder...

2017-08-31 15:15:53 by DanielTheManiel

...How long I could make one single post, like make it run on for a disastrously long amout of words.

I mean it's certainly possible for me to just add filler like "the floor is made of floor mateirial" but I'd rather try to organically make it absurdly wrong, of course by now I'rn running out of things to say so I just might go with that floor concept but I really don't want to do that because I just said I wouldn't and now I'd be a liar if I did do that.

And I don't want to start going on a tangent about how Blue Oyster Cult makes great songs or the state of U.S politics because that would just be out of nowhere and just forced.

Then again I already lied once with the floor example and at this point I don't really care, BOC makes great songs and fuck Trump.

Though really if you haven't listened to BOC then you should, I recommend Don't Fear The Reaper and Sole Survivor.

Oh and After Dark, Astronomy, Flaming Telepaths, Vengence (The Pact), Burnin' For You, Veteran Of the Psychic Wars, and Fire Of Unknown Origin.

Hmmm, this still isn't my longest post to date I'm pretty sure. I remember making a post about some incident involving me and some troll.

At this point I should just give up, I have nothing else to say and this has been going on for a while.

I should probably expect "TL;DR" comments because of this, even though anyone who says that is an idiot who doesn't realize that if you didn't read it you should say anything because it's like saying a movie is too long and complaining about purely because of it's length and not even watching it.

You know this would be funny if it was inserted into a TOS or something, Because almost no one reads them (I do, but thats besides the point).

Also I just realized that people are going to get mad about my "fuck Trump" comment just because I brought politics into this.

I think I have made it long enough to say I am good at talking too much.

-Love, Daniel.


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