THE NEWS is actually going to happen every week I'm not ditching this after two weeks.

2017-10-10 12:45:16 by DanielTheManiel


Hello! I am your host Daniel the Maniel and I am here to give you THE NEWS!

Our first story is of a man who decided drinking water was bad for you.

We sent our field reporter Doug to interview him on this, Here is the following transcript of the interview.

"Well it started with me in the kitchen, Drinking my usual 12 glasses of water a day. Then it hit me, Water is bad for you, Everyone who drinked it has or will die, Even breathing it will kill you. And the name, Dihydrogen Monoxide, That sounds really scary and dangerous doesn't it?" - Former child, Mr. Lastname

"Yes but what does this have to do with fields?" - Doug

"What?" - Mr. Lastname

"I think we are done here." - Doug

As you can see he clearly knows something we don't, currently he is organizing a protest in front of the city's water treatment plant.

Our second story is about the ongoing riots over a new video game being cancelled, we asked local gamers to explain why they are so angry.

"Dude, Pro Bass Fishing 7 was going to be game changer for competitve fishing games. This is criminal what they did!"

Recently several petitions and negotiations have taken place about this issue, We'll keep you updated on this over the following millenia.

And now, introducing our new sports reporter: Terry!

"Thank you Daniel, As you can see Mr. Sports dude got a boo boo and had to go home. And the new line-up for some sports ball team has been annouced."

Thanks Terry.

We just got word of a recent outbreak of Coloria, It's a strange virus that has been seen to destroy pigment producing cells.

The CDC refuses to comment on the issue right now.

And now, for the weather. Hello, Goodbye Chuck!

"Today's forecast is going to be a bit of rain at evening and then some sun tomorrow."

Thanks Chuck.

That was THE NEWS, Thank you and goodnight!


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2017-10-10 12:47:59

I love reading TEH NUDES!

DanielTheManiel responds:

It's THE NEWS my friend!
But thank you for your support!


2017-10-10 12:52:05

Thank you for reading the news!


2017-10-10 12:52:26

You're welcome Me.


2017-10-12 20:00:11

If only it was "da nudes"

DanielTheManiel responds:

Sorry sir but it's THE NEWS, I'm sorry but we are good boys and respectable citizens who don't share our genitals on the interwebs.


2017-10-16 11:26:18

COOOOL DOG! It's been a while lol, I hope you're doing great!

DanielTheManiel responds:

I'm doing just fine and I hope you are also doing just fine.